Monday, January 29, 2007

NamperumAL Garuda Sevai

Namperumal in Garuda Sevai during 4th Day Uthsavam of Bhoopathi Thirunaal on Jan 26, 2007. Click image to enlarge the picture.


h1j2l3 said...

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nAradA said...

You mention that Srirangam has been the subject of mangaLasAsanam by ALL the AzhwArs. Technically it is not correct. Madurakavi AzhwAr did not sing about any deity in the 108 divya dEsams. He sang only about his guru NammAzhwAr. But Srirangam has the privilege of being sung about by 11 AzhwArs, the most for any divya dEsam.

Srini said...

I would like to use some of the pix available in your website for my book on Footprints of Faith, esplly the Alwar Saranagati picture from Tiruvarangam. Could you pl. help me?
Adiyen dasi Radhika