Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rathnangi Sevai

NamperumAl during Vaikunta Ekadasi on 30-Dec-06 in Rathnangi Sevai infront of 1000 Pillar mandapam giving darshan to HIS adiyArs.


ஷைலஜா said...

beautiful pics!
SRIRANGAM sendruvitta perumai undanathu


adiyEn, b_senthil said...

Adiyen hopes its due to the grace of Divyadhampathis!..

ramanuja dasan said...

Dear Sri.Senthil.
Your Ramathudhan is excellently good. but there is no space for leaving our comments and or asking any doubts. can you make some provision for suc.
what i wanted ask you was about Thiru Maasi Kettai Thirunatchathira celebration at Mudalayandan Thirumaaligai - singaperumal Koil during Maasi month

Rukmini varadarajan said...

Dear Sri Senthil,
What a great sowbhagyam you have given to all the shrivaishnavas and thiruvarangan bhakthas ! tears shed in my eyes while viewing the sakshath parabrahmam in different kolams. No words for me to express! still i feel i am so very lucky to be in this sri Rangasri group where young guys like you are posting such a wonderful pictures. Adiyen migavum bhagyam petren,
May Divyadampathis blessings keep showering on you for ever